FlipZine Online Publication Service

Convert PDF to digital edition with page turning effect

Designed to create modern, user-friendly and attractive publications from traditional documents. With the help of FlipZine, you will be able to create online publications for websites, offline publications for CD/DVD (for Windows and Mac OS), as well as online publications for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and Android devices).

Smart PDF to FlipZine Conversion
During the conversion process, FlipZine not only creates the files for your pages, but also extracts the links, table of contents, alphanumeric data and images, in order to enable the full-text search and optimize your publication for search engines.

Mobile Devices Support
Make the publications more flexible and run it on more devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. A lot of platforms are now supported by FlipZine. Enjoy a real turn page effect and mobility on-the-go and share it with the rest of the mobile world. Only a browser is required in a mobile device to get it work. It can be a very convenient way to tune everybody on your new publications.

Publications for CD, DVD and Flash-drives
You are not limited to the creation of online publications only. If you need to distribute your publications using CD/DVD or Flash-drives, you can create EXE files for Windows or APP files for Mac OS X.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Create the friendly books for Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Search Engine Optimization option of FlipZine allows generating of search engine friendly content. Optimize the book relevance in web and everyone can find the publication through the internet. Using SEO feature you can unsure a high-level attendance to your publication after upload.

Google Analytics Integrated
Extend the power of Google Analytics within the publications, analyze, monitor the traffic of the publications in a new way, improve the ads and get more detailed information for building of the steady plans. The code of Google Analytics can be embedded to each book and all statistics will be available from your Google Analytics account live. Create, design, control and increase your marketing effectiveness using Google Analytics within the publications. Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track everything within the publications.

Social Networks
The publications created in FlipZine provide the proper means of integration with modern social networks. The publication’s users can upload links to pages in Facebook and Twitter, copy and send links via e-mail, and even embed your publication (a smaller version) into their own sites.